Estero Beach Volleyball Tournament

The Mexican  International Volleyball Tournament, formerly known as the Estero Beach Volleyball tournament, started in 1974 and is held annually in Baja California during  the last week of June. It is considered the largest beach volleyball tournament in the world and often host to several thousand amateur and professional players from a variety of countries worldwide. The tournament is a two day , weighted blind draw, beach doubles competition with both men and women’s divisions. In addition, all tournament profits go to charitable causes.

Once again, this years tournament is held in Estero Beach which is the spanish word for estuary. As the name implies,  estero beach fronts an estuary just a few miles south of Ensenada. It consist of a luxury hotel,  spa, large pool, a couple of restaurants, an RV park, and a broadwalk. The beach itself is a great place for watersports, jet skis, and kayaks since it is in a sheltered bay.

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