Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico


Bay of Ensenada with a docked cruise ship in town.

Ensenada is  80 miles from San Diego, California and it’s not only a popular tourist destination for Californian’s but  for cruise ships as well. This resort area has one of the best climates in Mexico much like San Diego and offers visitors quite a variety of attractions but the Eco-traveler would probably prefer the wilderness areas found in the Laguna Hansen National Park or the San Pedro Martir mountains  where there are campgrounds, wildlife, hiking trails, aspens, rock scrambling, lakes and many fantastic vista’s. Another alternative for the Eco-tourist is the ruta del vino bike ride and wine festival through Valley Guadelupe, Mexico’s wine capital. . It has over 125 wineries – artisan, boutique, and commercial, both large and small who are producing some remarkable wines. The people of the region are fascinating and they love to share their passion with visitors. So dive in and  discover the magical wine destinations the Guadalupe Valley has to offer.

There are also a variety of annual events that appeal to most all tourist  including the baja 500 and 1000 off road races  for motorcycles, trophy trucks and atv’s, the Walter La Caloca surfing contest at playa San Miguel, the San Diego- Ensenada,international yacht race, the Mardi Gras festival activities, the Estero Beach Volleyball tournament, bicycle races from San Diego to Ensenada, and a number of  jazz concerts through-out the year. Last but not least, visitors will find many good restaurants, bars and nightclubs just waiting for your business in the tourist zone known as Gringo Gulch.




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