Xaman Ha, Bird Sanctuary, Mexico

Scarlet Macaws

In the midst of a  chic residential community within the maya riveria known as  Playacar, lies both Maya ruins and the Xaman-Ha Sanctuary. Playacar was once known as Xaman-Ha by the Mayan people and today the sanctuary is a reminder of what it must have been like years ago when numerous species of tropical birds populated the jungles of the yucatan peninsula. One of those species, the scarlet macaw, is now on the endangered list because their  eco-system is  gradually being decimated by urban sprawl. In addition,  a black market  parrot trade has also contributed to the dwindling population of these macaws.


This sanctuary is a natural habitat for over  60 species of tropical birds which are indigenous to the yucatan peninsula with paths and trails leading to the birds preferred nesting areas.There are aquatic birds, coastal fowl, macaws, parrots and linseed birds. Included in these groups are flamingo’s, toucans, scarlet macaws, egrets, pelicans and a variety of parrots. Although, Xaman-Ha is  primarily a bird sanctuary; you will definitely cross paths with a few Iguana’s while walking around this nature park.