Tequila, Mexico

A world heritage site since 2006, the village of Tequila is where the drink was first produced. It is also one of Mexico’s Pueblo Magico’s because of it’s history and traditions. Located about an hour’s drive to the west of Guadalajara, the town is surrounded by agave fields and many tequila making facilities dating back to the 18th century. There is also an annual tequila fesitival which starts at the end of November. During the event a tequila queen is crowned and the main distilleries in the area are ever present with samples of their products.Main cathedral and town square, Tequila, MX

One of the oldest Tequila making facilities in this area dates back to 1870 when Casa Herradura was founded on the site of the former Hacienda San Jose del Refugio. As of today, it is the only brand of Tequila that is still 100 percent Hacienda made with 100 percent agave. Of the many stories related to the history of La Herradura tequila is about the brands name and logo. Translated, La Herradura means horseshoe which is the symbol for good luck in almost every culture and all bottles of this tequila have a horseshoe printed on the label with the opening face down so that the good fortune is poured out, shared and enjoyed.

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