Bernal, Pueblo Magico, MX.


The town of Bernal was founded by a Spanish family in 1625 and became one of Mexico’s Pueblo Magico’s in 2005. It is located about 54 kilometers from the city of Queretaro and is a place of colorful buildings with architectural styles dating back to the 18th century, in addition to cobblestone streets. The world’s 3rd tallest monolith, Pena Bernal, is also found in this village of about 5000 indigenous people.

The economy here is based on craft production and tourism. Woolen goods such as shawls, blankets, rugs, and jackets are handmade with 100 year old looms and sold locally at competitive prices. Bernal also offers tourist beautiful outdoor settings, eco-tours, rock climbing, rappelling and other extreme sports for the more adventurous. Other attractions close by are the ruta del vino where visitors can tour any one of 3 wineries such as Cavas Freixenet to sample and purchase a variety of wines, play the 18 hole golf course of Tequisquiapan, swim at one of several water  parks in the area or bath in natural hot springs also found near the village.

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