Part #2, Route #1 of Baja, Mexico

As indicated in the previous article about the transpeninsular highway of Baja California, ninety percent of route#1 is  desert land which consist of little more than mountains, dormant volcanos, towering cacti, and sand dunes. The only exceptions are a few old mission towns such as El Rosario, Guerro Negro, Santa Rosalia, Mulege and Loreto. With the exception of Loreto, most of these old villages do not offer many  tourist attractions. Loreto, however, does have a few luxury hotels, a world class tennis center, an 18 hole golf course and an international airport with non stop flights to and from LAX. In addition, there is a deep water marina nearby in Puerto Escondido for cruisers and sailors. Eventhough, the rest of the transpeninsular highway is still surrounded with undeveloped land, there are many campgrounds, surfing, fishing and sailing opportunities along the way for those who enjoy outdoor adventures.

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