Mazatland, Mexico

Mazatland is one of Mexico´s oldest resort towns on the pacific coast about 750 miles south of the border from Nogales, Arizona. It became on international destination for tourism in the 1950´s and still retains some of that old world charm, affordability and cheap tacos that are hard to find in places like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

One of the main attractions in Mazatland, besides the beaches and deep sea fishing, is the centro historic area just inside of Olas Atlas Beach. Here tourist will find sidewalk cafes, the refurbished Angela Peralta theater, art galleries, and the art museum of Mazatland; as well as a 19th century cathedral called the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Other attractions include the  beachfront boulevard which runs along the coast for over 10 miles and has a number of interesting seafront sculptures such as the Pacifico  monument which pays  tribute to the brewery founded here in 1900 by three German immigrants. In addition, tourist will see  cliff divers and local fisherman that sell their catch along this beachside road.

Needless to say, there are beaches which offer something for everyone in this resort town known as  ¨the Pearl of the Pacific¨. At the south end of Mazatland there is Stone Island which is actually a peninsula with miles of undeveloped beaches that can be explored by atv or horseback. Meanwhile, at the north end of town there is the golden zone  where all the new high rise hotels, mega resorts, nightclubs, and restaurants meet the beaches.

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