Ensenada, Port of Call, Baja, Mexico

Ensenada is a large and growing city of over 350,000 people on the Pacific Coast about one hour´s drive from San Diego, CA. It is the largest seaport in Baja California where most imports and exports  are shipped both to and from the United States, Canada and mainland Mexico. In addition to shipping, Ensenada also has a first class cruise ship facility with 3 state of the art cruise ship berths, retails shops, restaurants and crafts markets. Many of these cruise ships come from L.A. and San Diego bringing daytrippers who are gone by night.

One of the main attractions to Ensenada are the local wineries on ruta del vino in Valle Guadelupe where over 90 percent of of Mexican wines are produced in this region. The best wines produced in this region are red varietals made from zinfindel, merlot, pinot noir, petit syrah and cabernet sauvigon. Two of the largest and most prominent of wineries shown here are LA Chetto and Santo Tomas.

There are many special events in the Ensenada area such as the annual Newport to Ensenada yacht race, the annual bicycle road race from Rosarito to Ensenada, the Mardi Gras carnival, and the Estero Beach Volleyball tournament. However, the most popular and well known events in the Ensenada area are the Baja 500 off road race in June and the Baja 1000 off road race in mid November. These events feature separate categories for a variety of motorcycles, trucks, and cars. The most sophisticated of these off road vechicles are the trophy trucks which can cost several hundred thousand dollars to build and have up to 800 horsepower.

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